About Us

Hospitality Purchasing Managers' Forum (HPMF) is a consortium of like minded purchasing managers from the hospitality industry representing star hotels, catering companies, stand-alone restaurant chains and a airlines. It believes in power of networking and sharing of work experience with each other.

The Indian hospitality industry has been rapidly evolving since last two decades and has witnessed a spurt in the number of domestic and international players entering the market with ambitious and world class projects. This has resulted in quantitative and qualitative needs which are far more complex than before. Today, the hospitality procurement industry is pegged at an annual figure of US $10 billion dollar. But considering the sustained economic development and an impressive GDP ratio of India, the hospitality procurement needs are expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. The hospitality procurement is not only scattered but needed some reference body to assist them at every stage. There were no formal education institutes or bodies to assist. And also every one working in their organizations were working in xylose!

With this in mind the purchasing managers came together to formed Hospitality Purchasing Managers' Forum (HPMF).

An idea first came into the mind of Nitin Shankar Nagrale who realized the importance of collective approach, power of networking and importance of work experience. He convinced the likeminded purchasing professionals to be part of this innovation. It took more than a year to bring few professionals together to form a core team. The team consists of experienced and qualified purchasing professionals of the hospitality industry and work under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Mohan Deshpande.

HPMF is optimistic of a possible savings opportunity of 10% and it plans to achieve this by organizing the hospitality industry and streamlining the procurement process. A non-profit organization registered with the Charity Commissioner’s office, HPMF is first of its kind milestone in India which aims to provide a platform for buyers from hospitality industry.

What are the USP's? –

It is happening for the first time that the hospitality purchasing fraternity has come together for something like this. This Forum will surely bring in benefits for the purchasing professionals but also for their respective organizations. Training and Development of procurement professionals, Consolidated procurement, industry product standardization, volume discounts, improved professionalism in purchasing process, development of potential vendors, green initiatives, corporate social responsibilities are some of the key elements of HPMF.

HPMF has already started linking procurement and supply, the vital ends of the procurement chain. It is looking forward to create a better purchasing environment by developing knowledge and expertise of hospitality purchasing professionals through education, guidance and use of latest techniques. Through this forum HPMF intends to set up best practices in the industry and channelize the wealth of expertise in the subject of Logistics, Purchase and Supply Chain / Materials management. With the implementation of best practices HPMF wants to ensure overall long term benefits for Hospitality industry.

One of the core objectives of creation of HPMF is to encourage procurement of high quality and high standard products to upgrade the overall standard of the industry. HPMF is also committed to Sustainable Development and Green Initiatives.

This forum is already acting as an information gateway for developments taking place in the procurement industry. It provides inputs and recommendations relating to relevant Law Commission, government department and existing /proposed Legislation to its members. It also acts as a reference point and sounding board for Government, the Law Commission and others on compulsory purchase issues and proposals.

HPMF encourages free exchange of views, experience and advice amongst its members. It provides networking base for professionals in material management industry through participation in several trade exhibitions like Aahar (New Delhi & Chennai), Food Hospitality World (Mumbai and Bangalore), HOSTS (Mumbai & Milan), Index, HOTEC (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Projects Prestige (Doha), CPO Forum (New Delhi & Mumbai, Hotelier India Summit (Mumbai) and Purchase Connect (Chennai).

HPMF sees itself playing a crucial role in shaping up hospitality procurement by making it more organized and technically equipped through training initiatives, lectures and seminars on Hospitality purchase topics for members. HPMF feels that through these measures it will organize and streamline the Indian hospitality procurement industry, which will at the same time correspond into a halo effect on the domestic and international vendors dealing with hospitality requirements. HPMF plans to affiliate with reputed Universities and Institutes for special courses on the subject and provide them assistance on purchasing management topics.

The initiative started with one member as Founder and has grown to 804 members as on today, who have registered themselves. HPMF is anticipating a leap in the number of membership soon as there is an overwhelming response to this initiative across the industry. HPMF will utilize this collective procurement power which would result in increased profits to the members and the suppliers and benefit the Indian economy.

HPMF has now got the national footprint where professionals from different cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry, Cochin, Goa, Pune, Indore, Bhopal, Raipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nasik, etc. became members. Today, HPMF has members from cities like Doha, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi as well.

Through its website http://www.hpmf.info (under construction) HPMF would act like an information directory only for its members to obtain key vendor information like contact details / new vendors / potential vendors etc. Members can also obtain product information like category ‘A’ products, new products in the market, substitutes etc. The website will be a unique one which will have chat option, blogs, articles, News, white papers, training documents, gallery of past events, etc. It will also introduce a Vendors module soon which will benefit manufacturers, vendors, suppliers & traders irrespective of their size by providing them an opportunity to showcase their existing/new products to the members who represent brands across the hospitality spectrum.

Objectives of HPMF

  • To bring together and channel the wealth of expertise in the subject of Logistics, Purchase and Supply Chain / Materials management.
  • To promote this important area of work and to foster a basis for best practices.
  • To provide a sounding board for change in this sphere and also to make comment & provide recommendations relating to relevant Law Commission, government department and existing /proposed Legislation.
  • To promote Sustainable Development and Green Initiatives to save the world
  • To encourage procurement of high quality and high standard products to upgrade the overall standard of the organization
  • To promote training initiatives together with opportunities for those in purchasing / materials management professions to network and share experience and knowledge.
  • To establish a multi-disciplinary association of persons involved in purchasing decision.
  • To enable free exchange of views, experience and advice.
  • To provide correspondence and newsletters to members by e-newsletters and e-mails.
  • To update and relaunch the website of the Forum providing information on latest industry updates, trainings, articles, logs, promotions, transfers, achievements, vendor data base etc.
  • To promote lectures, seminars, and similar events, on Hospitality purchase topics for both members and non-members.
  • To provide networking opportunities for members.
  • To liaise with Universities / Institutes to provide assistance on purchasing management topics.
  • To create affiliation with these Universities / Institutes for special courses on the subject.
  • To act as a reference point and sounding board for Government, the Law Commission and others on compulsory purchase issues and proposals.
  • To obtain vendor information like key vendors / new vendors / potential vendors etc.
  • To obtain product information like new products in the market / substitutes etc.
  • To obtain a fair amount of information on average industry rates of “A” category products.
  • To utilize collective procurement power resulting in increased profits and to benefit the overall Indian economy.


  • 960 members from 780 different organizations from Hospitality India across India and Middle East
  • Five HPMF members have received best procurement person of the year award in last 5 years – Abhijit Joshi (Westin Pune), Sunil Babu (Leela Bangalore), Asheame Mehta (Oberoi New Delhi), Joseph Perreira (Westin Mumbai) and Sankar Narayanan (Westin Chennai) – All due to intensive training modules and inputs from HPMF
  • Three members received Manager of the Year Award in three different cities. Teck Sarke (Sahara Star Mumbai), Mr. Palaniappam (Hilton Chennai) and Mr. Naresh Kumar (New Delhi).
  • Three veterans were awarded LIVING LEGENDS AWARD for their continuous services to the Hospitality Procurement – Mr J P Sharma (Oberoi Realty), Mr Mohan Deshpande (Genesis Resorts) and Mr Chandrakant Balani (Ramada). They have been working in the industry for over 42 years and their work was honoured with the awards.
  • Received recognitions from GMs and Owners from different hotel for this initiative which has resulted in uniformed quality and rates (to certain extent) in different cities.
  • Organized international trips of over 40 members in last 4 years for education and knowledge purpose.
  • HPMF members then also participate in B2B events abroad.
  • HPMF has organized several training sessions through IIMM alumni in different parts of India
  • Sessions on Food Hygiene through FSSAI office and through Microchem
  • Wine training session through an Italian Wine Maker
  • Customs procedure training through Mr. Advani ex customs officer
  • More than 30 panel discussions on issues related to hospitality procurement
  • Training of more than 300 entry level procurement staff through HPMF google group
  • Weekly modules on procurement
  • Every day we receive more than 30 emails on several requirements on HPMF google group from different members which then gets moderated and circulated among all members for quick revert. The response to any query is super-fast and the average response time is 7 minutes to any query from any member based in any part of India.

Way forward  

  • HPMF Annual Convention and Awards 2015
  • Book on Basics of Hospitality Procurement written by 22 authors who are part of the industry working in different organizations as head of procurement
  • Customized Education Course on Hospitality Procurement - CHPM certification from AHLEI, USA
  • HPMF new interactive website
  • Member Certification
  • Vendor Approval and Certification
  • Employment opportunities through websites
  • Affiliation with Institutes and Universities
  • International Tie-Ups
  • Association with social causes

Advantages to Vendors

  • Access to the HPMF member directory
  • Member Certification
  • Vendor Approval and Certification
  • Vendor Development Module
  • International Tie-Ups
  • Association with social causes
  • A prudent choice with regards to time, efforts and quantum of exposure for showcasing existing and new products
  • Rewards for following best practices in the form of positive recognition and endorsement.
  • Equal opportunity of representation, irrespective of size or volume of business.